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Recognizing that ADHD may explain the struggles that you or a loved one face everyday is the first step to effective treatment of the disorder.  Learning more about ADHD and the ways it affects your life is another necessary element. Creating a more structured environment and practicing new skills will help build better coping skills. Finally, when you begin to acknowledge your natural abilities and ask for help in areas where you struggle, your "true self" can finally emerge. Effective treatment and creating the support you need to meet the challenges Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder brings, can be life transforming.

To further your education, start with the "ADHD Basics" section to learn about how the disorder presents, why it's important to be evaluated, as well as many tips on how you can find the help and support you need. Numerous articles addressing specific areas of interest offer even more information on dealing with the many challenges of living with ADHD. 

ADHD Basics   Diagnosis and Treatment  Finding and Assessing Professionals
Coping Strategies  Skill Building            Relationship and Social Skills          
Workplace Issues    Personal Stories                  

Women with ADHD                       

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ADHD Basics


Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Survey of Adults Reveals: Life-long Consequences of ADHD
  • Questions About ADHD Medication by David Rabiner, Ph.D. 
  • ADHD Medication Information by David Rabiner, Ph.D. 
  • Neurofeedback and the Treatment of ADHD by David Rabiner, Ph.D
  • The What, Why, When, How and Which of Alternative Treatments for ADHD by Cynthia Hammer, M.S.W.
  • Questions to Ask an ADHD Coach by Kris Paige
  • ADHD as an Advantage/Adaptation Revisitedby Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. 
  • Is ADHD Really A Problem Paying Attention?by Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. 


Finding and Assessing Professional Help


Coping Strategies


Skill Building




Relationships and Social Skills


  • Members Only
  • ADHD and the Dysfunctional Family by Susan Lasky
  • ADHD, Anger Awareness and Anger Management Don Baker, MA
  • Adults with ADHD and Relationship Issues by Rob Tudisco
  • How Do You Cope with an ADHD Spouse? by Bob Seay
  • ADHD and Intimate Relationships by Amy Ellis, Ph.D.
  • Odd Couples: Finding Peace and Respect in the Marriage Where One of You Has ADHD and the Other Does Not by Andrea Betts
  • The Vicious Cycle of Compulsive Sexuality, Shame and Adult ADHD
  • Setting Personal Boundaries: A Primer for Healthier Relationships by Harold Meyer



Workplace Issues


Personal Stories


Women and Girls with ADHD





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