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by Joan Riley Jager Just after I graduated from college at age forty, I found a note posted in the public library about a support group for adults with ADHD. I’d just read You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid by Peggy Ramundo and Kate Kelly. Maybe ADHD was one of the reasons it had taken 18 […]

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What is the Truth about ADD Medication?

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By ADD Coach Marla Cummins, CAC I would never tell someone to take medication. I respect everyone’s right to make the best choice for themselves. However, I would encourage you to make your decision based on information from reputable sources.

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Adult ADHD: An Update


by Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.Salt Lake City, UT The existence of ADHD as a clinically impairing condition is irrefutable. Though the etiology of the condition and precise symptom profile remain debatable concepts, presenting symptoms and impairing consequences are easily observed and measured. In light of current theories portraying ADHD as a condition of impaired development, it […]

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ADHD in Older Adults


written by George M. Kapalka, PhD, ABPP ADHD is a disorder of which we have been aware ever since Hoffman, in the mid-1800’s, described a case of “Fidgety Phil” whose distractibility and hyperactivity disrupted others around him and interfered with his education.

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Who can Diagnose ADHD?


Psychiatrist: An MD who treats the brain, can diagnose and prescribe medication. Don’t assume they have experience with ADHD though. Ask questions and if they’re not the one for you- ask for a reference. You’re looking for someone who will understand your challenges and work with you. Note: Child psychiatrists often have more experience with […]

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Long-Term Outcomes for Children with ADD and ADHD


David Rabiner, Ph.D. Durham, N.C.  It is now clear that many children with ADHD will not simply “outgrow” their symptoms when they reach adolescence.

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ADHD Management in Children


by Mary Fowler Tips for ADHD Management in Children 3 Steps For Improving Performance There are three essential conditions that help kids with ADHD improve their performance. Create a structure that helps him guide his behavior with rules and routines. For example, with academics, the structure would be tasks matched to his skill level so […]

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Management of ADHD Within Families


by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. Make an accurate diagnosis. This is the starting point of all treatment for ADHD. Educate the family. All members of the family need to ]earn the facts about ADHD as thefirst step in the treatment. Many problems will take care of themselves once all family members understand what is going […]

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Are you Doing all you Can to Treat your ADHD?


 By Dana Rayburn, Adult ADD Coach Have you ever thought through how every basic area of your life is affected by your ADHD? Home? Work? Relationships?Play?

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An Innovative Approach for Helping “Explosive and Inflexible Children”


 By David Rabiner, PhD. One of the most challenging problems for parents to deal with are explosive outbursts in their child. Such outbursts occur with distressing regularity in some children – regardless of whether the child also has ADHD – and can contribute to an extremely difficult home environment.

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