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Our privacy policy is simple. We do not sell, rent, or share your information without your explicit permission.

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The sole purpose of the ADD website is provide resources and information on ADHD to you and the public. The hard work of many goes into the website to create and maintain content. This work is almost entirely done by volunteers. We want you to use the website freely and often. As with anything on the web, caution must be exercised. 

By entering this website, you agree to use all information at your own discretion, judgment, and risk and to adhere to The Terms of Use for The National ADHD Directory and acknowledge the Site Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. The National ADHD Directory is a list of health care professionals, coaches, attorneys, advocates, schools, camps, educational and vocational counselors, professional organizers and others who have asked to be listed in The National ADHD Directory as providers of services or products to individuals with ADHD. 

ADD Resources, as  publisher of The National ADHD Directory,  does not investigate background, experience or qualifications. We do not  recommend or endorse any specific individuals, services, companies, organizations or professionals. All who list in The National ADHD Directory accept a Listing Agreement. 

If you have new information and content to share or would like content updated, contact Meg McDonald at ADD Resources at (206) 390-7024 or meg@addresources.org.

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