Can a king capture a rook in chess?

The King may move one square in any direction. ... The King can never move himself into danger like this so he is unable to capture the Rook. Consequently, because the King must never move on to a square that is being attacked by enemy pieces, two Kings can never stand next to each other on the chessboard.

Can a king kill a Rook in chess?

The King can capture any chess piece, may it be a Knight, Rook, Pawn, or the Queen, as long as it is legal to do so.

What can the king capture in chess?

The king captures in the same way that it moves, one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The king can capture any enemy piece or pawn except for the opposing king, but only if the piece is not defended by any other piece. In other words, the king can capture as long as it's not moving into check.

Who can capture Rook in chess?

The white rook cannot move beyond the black rook along that rank — but it can capture it. A rook thus captures by taking the place of an opponent's piece: The opponent's piece is removed and the attacking piece takes its square, as in Figure 3 (on the right).

Can the king capture other chess pieces?

A king cannot castle to get out of check. A king can capture an adjacent enemy piece if that piece is not protected by another enemy piece. A piece is interposed between the king and the attacking piece to break the line of threat (not possible when the attacking piece is a knight or pawn, or when in double check).

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