What does snot mean in reading?

: mucus from the nose. : a rude and annoying person. See the full definition for snot in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What color snot is bad?

Red or pink phlegm can be a more serious warning sign. Red or pink indicates that there is bleeding in the respiratory tract or lungs. Heavy coughing can cause bleeding by breaking the blood vessels in the lungs, leading to red phlegm. However, more serious conditions can also cause red or pink phlegm.

What does it mean when you snot?

The way your snot looks can indicate things such as allergies, a cold, the flu, a sinus infection, or sinusitis. So, it is important to open up that tissue and take a peek if you aren't feeling great. No, mucus isn't there just to make you miserable when you have a cold.

What does gooey snot mean?

Mucus that's green-tinged or yellow can mean that your sinuses have been exposed to an irritant, often an infection. One form your mucus can take is a thick, rubbery, solid consistency. This can be a sign of anything from dry air in your home to a bacterial infection.

Is snot a good thing?

Gross or not, snot is your friend. It helps your body stay protected, free of germs and healthy. And you make a lot of it — around 1.5 liters every day. “The color of mucus comes from how it adapts to protect you, and that color can signal illness and other conditions,” explains Dr.

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