How many aliens are there in ben 10?

The Antitrix allows Kevin to transform into 11 aliens, most of which are ones that Ben has used before, but significantly altered from Ben's version.

What are the Ben 10 aliens called?

Phil has created a helicopter called the "Omni-Copter" for the Tennyson Trio so they can travel around the world. Ben also gains access to three new aliens: Rath, Slapback, and Humungosaur, who replace Grey Matter, Overflow, and Wildvine.

What was Ben 10 first alien?

Benjamin Tennyson
Ben 10 character
Ben Tennyson as depicted in (from left to right, top to bottom) Ben 10 (2005), Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Omniverse and Ben 10 (2016)
First appearance
"And Then There Were 10" (2005)
Created by
Duncan Rouleau Joe Casey Joe Kelly Steven T. Seagle

How many aliens does Ben 10 Ultimate Alien have?

30 Aliens - Swampfire, Jetray, Chromastone, Humungousaur, SpiderMonkey, Echo Echo, Brainstorm, Alien X, Big Chill, Goop, Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate SpiderMonkey, Ultimate Echo-Echo, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Cannonbolt, Rath, Lodestar, Murk Upchuck, Water Hazard, NRG, Armodrillo, ...

How many aliens does Ben 10 have in the original series?

At first, there are only ten aliens (hence the name "Ben 10"), but more forms were discovered as the series goes on.

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