Are the reds and blues in rvb zero?

The upcoming 18th season, dubbed Red vs. Blue: Zero, is set after season 17's Singularity and stars a whole new cast of characters, as the Reds and Blues have retired. ... Following RvB, we got more information about their recently released series, Recorded by Arizal.

Will the reds and blues be in season 18?

Blue: Zero is the first installment in the current iteration of Red vs. Blue, as well as the eighteenth season overall. The season is co-directed and written by Torrian Crawford, Noël Wiggins, and Joshua Kazemi of Rooster Teeth's Death Battle, from a story by Crawford.

Where are the reds and blues in zero?

The Reds and Blues find themselves on familar grounds as both teams square off in a canyon after they are shipwrecked on a strange and seemingly uninhabited planet.

Is RvB zero canon?

So far, Red vs. Blue has never been considered official Halo canon - it's more like an ode to the Halo franchise than a story canonically related to it. Red vs. Blue: Zero appears to keep with this tradition as being a non-canon story set within the Halo universe.

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